One would suppose that, given the state of this world, being a “contrarian” might be a good thing. That’s kind of a question actually. I don’t know what you might think but if you read the first article here and have come back . . . well.

I love the term, “Contrary to what the public thinks,” when cited by a political figure. There is no way a politician knows what we think because they think they’re doing all the thinking for us. So it has always gone and the only thing that separates us from England in the 13th century is that no crowns are yet available in D.C. It’s a predictable event, this country becoming a dictatorship. We’re well on our way and what is lacking is a larger prison system. Once that is installed the dictator will step forward and claim his or her prize. I won’t be around then but you will in all likelihood.

For a better understanding of what you’re going to be facing read Matthew, chapter 24-27. It’s not an overly long read but you will see where in history we now stand. There’s a lot in there that you really should begin to understand as what is in there is ticking off like a fine Swiss watch nowadays. Who’da thunk, eh?

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