Odd Times

I am doing this website using a couple of assumptions concerning whichever audience I gain here. I don’t like to make assumptions unless I am reasonably certain of two things: The first is that I am not going senile or finding morsels to eat in the air surrounding me. The second is that I follow the news at a reasonable level and see from that the discord, both mental and physical, which surrounds us, though it seems to be centralized in urban areas.

My reason for this is that I live in a rural area of California which is miles from any freeway or interstate and all roads here are two lane. Driving for gas is a few miles and groceries are rather expensive. That stated, I feel that I am not a genius nor am I perceptive of the unknown. When I drank heavily I was noted for walking into walls so any perceptive capabilities I may have had were knocked from my brain years ago.

Is the world in a downward spiral is the question I would pose to you? My assumption is clear, yes, it is. But, my perceptions may be faulty and I am not afraid to say that. If you are working and making ends meet it might be that you are fine with what is happening. On the other hand, say, if you have children it may be that you are seeing what I believe I am seeing and that is that war looms once again and it is to be a world wide war. At least, so it seems but much may change in the meantime. I thought I would expand what I am writing here to include my readers and put it out for discussion amongst yourselves. Is another war pending in our children’s lives?

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