Just Before Dawn

“Just before dawn,” is the tagline of this blog. It is the form of this time in this world as tired individuals seek a place of peace. A place of normalcy and none is found for either. Of our times the bible states through Christ, “There will be no place safe.” He goes on to say that this generation will be full of self, showing no love.”

Simply put, a time of darkness when the light from above shall not be present as we muddle through to ruin on our own. For decades I was aware of these parables but never thought to see them in my lifetime. They were always going to come one thousand years from now. They’re here now, are they not? Yet, even after the darkest night there will be sunshine and the hope of a brand new day is ever present in our minds. We need to find hope, a light, in this darkness and it is there but hidden. That light is attracted to prayer, those who will pray for it.

I take this little turn off the main road here to look at the scenery and I see beauty unknown in the near future. It is almost here but we have much to go through yet. Prayer will see you to the end and a new beginning.

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