Our Fetid Government

Let’s see, today I am seventy-five and gong on seventy-six. I served two tours of combat in Vietnam so that means that I was once stupid but also had a lot of room to learn. That I did. I learned that our government is not sterling at representing the facts. It is, rather, a quagmire in which self-interest festers like a boil on societies butt. Most likely it has always been this way only not in the direction of leftist blather. It is another truth that the leftists during the war I fought in got their foundation laid due to that war. I know. I’ve watched.

Progressives are dung with about the same IQ. What they’re good at is subterfuge and that is what we are now seeing. Lie upon fetid lie against those who want America to be prosperous. America means you and I and not politicians.

Politicians are their own species and about two thirds of them fall below the mental poverty line. Our president has long wanted to wipe out the white race’s domination in America. Can you trust a person who looks like you that wants to ruin you and your family from now until the possible future? Doesn’t matter what color though, the elites are looking for slaves again. White, black, red, green, it matters not. Democrats are the original slave owners and most whites never wanted to have slaves. It’s all a lie bent on hiding from us their plans. All of it is a lie if it comes from the left.

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