I am but a few years younger than President Biden. Although I am physically and mentally fit I would have no business holding that office even at my age. Donald Trump is also a few years older than I but he is mentally fit for office no matter what the left says about him. What we are seeing with this president is lie upon lie built into a torpedo to take America down. Whether this is fate or just the time we live in I do not know. But when wrong is defined as right and right is hurting people of a country it is past time to take stock in who we each are.

I feel badly that the Biden family egged him on or supported him to be president. He was diminished before he was elected which is why he hid during what should have been his campaign. If you think otherwise you must have put your head where it doesn’t belong.

I’ve known of Biden since he was first a Senator and he couldn’t maintain a straight course even then. He swung both ways to the right and back to the left depending on what it might take to get reelected. So, it is not a huge surprise that he should resign that office and we will have to see what this vice president can do. I have almost no faith in her abilities to do anything but look for handouts but one never knows. We did know about Biden, didn’t we? I don’t want to get into the Hunter portion of this fiasco. That is for another era if we live though this era and that is becoming debatable.

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