Well, well . . .My server crashed and took with it everything I’d written, up to this hour. Instead of crying over spilt milk I got back to work and brought the website back from the deep. Now I just have to recall, verbatim, all the words I previously wrote. Shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Yeah, it is a problem but I know the theme and the theme is God, the Bible, and our world. Notice the order I placed those in? Well, I have the correct theme installed and that’s about it for now. I was looking at how many visitors this website had had up until the crash and it totaled 21,000. That’s in three months. Thank you all and I will go like hell won’t have it to get this filled out again.

I look at this as a challenge, nothing more and I’m up for challenges or I’d be dead by now. Soon? Some wish1 Not in the next few days however, I’ve work to do. Be of good cheer, as Charlie Brown used to say and I’ll get the steam up and begin as soon as I can adjust all things that let me down the last time. Whoopee! Yet another road block overcome!

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