One of the items I had wanted to cover is government. Obviously, we need a government or we would have brush fires everywhere between factions or just plain neighbors. The problem with governments is when people call a large swath of, say, Germans, as bad as their government. I give you World War’s One and Two and after. Many hated anybody of German decent back then and up until the 1960s. Same with China but it isn’t the people of China it is the government.

We’ve been fortunate here in America because, up until recently, we all had enough common sense to elect good individuals to represent us. Look at the muffin heads in the government now. I offer, Adam Schiff and queen Alexandria Cortez and her ilk. Birds of a feather?

Progressives are so full of themselves that their brains have no room for anything but fine food and communism; an irony of the first degree. Let it be known that I am against progressives and think that they should be summarily dismissed from any form of responsibility that includes the American people. Or, is it just me? After all, I am old and not set in my ways. I love a good mix up at the table of righteousness.

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