Let’s Just Consider

It is time to sit back, take a deep breath and consider what we have both going for us and against us. A shorter way to put this is to “take stock” but that sounds like a grocery store manager talking to his checkers about stocking shelves.

I regularly take stock and the first thing I look to is my wife’s health. It is excellent so I can move on. My health is good also but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I’m not particularly worried about it one way or another. I figure I am lucky to have made it this far but I don’t believe in “borrowed time.” Perhaps a loan? Nah!

I do want to tell you that I was considering running for president but changed my mind. I hate flying otherwise I’d be on some ballot, somewhere. Although, with me, I do believe it would be walking for president because I still walk better than old Joe by a long shot. Yes, I can make light of him because he’s a turkey. Speaking of which, what does that make Kamala la-la-la?

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Trump W.O.A. Back
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