Take, No Give

I think we should all tune into the type of government we now have in America. As of the last three or so years it has not been a Republican government. You can, in fact, go back to Clinton’s first term as president that gave us a heads-up about what the progressives wanted to form as a new type of government. As I considereded writing this I knew that I was gong to open a can of worms as a lot of folks reading this are not from America and fewer still are old enough to remember what America was last century. In a word, FREE.

So, what is FREE. In a nutshell it is having a government that stays within its means without levying tax after tax on the population to pay for earmarks and yet more government. Our government is anything but streamlined. It has become a ten-thousand pound behemoth eating chocolate bon-bon’s while the population gets poorer and searches trashcans for food. Never forget, younger-than-I people, that this is not what the framer’s planned. A small government that stayed out of our personal business and lives is what was originally founded here and the reason that I and so many others fought or died for this country. All those deaths are now so much fluff to those who run this government. An interesting topic of conversation in universities and the halls of government.

What I am editing down to is that the hundreds of thousands of young Americans who died in America’s wars died in vain. When you go to vote remember Afghanistan and the lives lost there before this putz pulled us out without a plan of any kind. You probably won’t remember Vietnam but the same thing occurred there. I lost so many high school buds to that war and then I came home unscathed. Unscathed at least physically. The mental and emotional injuries I will take to my grave and keep to myself and God. Remember to forgive, it saves lives.

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