White Supremacist, Bigot, Denier

Call me whatever their little closed minds can dredge up from the bilge in their synapses, sexual intimacy is for a man and a woman. If this was not so none of us would be here. The new “popular” perversion charading as fact is nonsense and most people know this but for the few that want to take down the family and God, and Christianity. They will fail miserably and eternity does no await them.

At seventy-five I can tell you that none of this used to be prevalent because the news used to be reasonably factual. With such trash as the cable news channels vomiting and spewing lie after lie it has gained a foothold with a few. The few with the loudest voices and the cable news channels to parrot their propaganda. Bought and sold by the elites whose primary function is to lead young people to hell, change the fabric of the world, not just America, and, in turn, make life miserable for the upcoming generation. How confused are our poor children by all this tripe? Have you checked the stats on youth suicide lately? It is rising alarmingly. There was little to none of any of this just ten years ago. Did this sexual perversion just pop up? It was not anywhere when I was growing up.

Of course, my generation are racists, bigots and other flingings of paltry epithets but they don’t stick. Rather, they tell you the mindset of the elites. The miserable, wound licking and weak human beings with naught better to think about than perversion. Welcome, Brave New World. Aldous would be proud.

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