Who to Believe

Wonder of wonders, I never thought I would ask this but I am going to here. Who the hell do we believe about current events? I am seventy-five years old and never had to ask such a question of this country before. To my mind, this tells me how far our political system has been maimed. I do blame the largest percentage on the leftists but I cannot, in good conscience, leave out a fair amount of personalities on the right. If these fools don’t sleep with one another there is no excuse to lie to the public. We can take it because we have learned to take it. Lies about this and lies about that.

I am a Christian man and always have been. Doesn’t mean I am a saint, far from it. I’ve done my share of lying when pinched into some corner I put myself into by being stupid. I have been dumber than a Walrus tusk man times and have the scars to prove it. Then again, I wasn’t in charge of not making the public’s lives much more difficult.

These folks in D.C. are awful human beings, but for a handful. They deserve to be put in some kind of detention to have their brains set right. Every cent they spend is money we could use to better our positions in life. You and I pay out several different orifices, some we didn’t know we had, to make their lives sweet. Again, we have to keep our eyes on the final consequences for all of us. This playing field will be equalized in ways that will be horrible for those who use and abuse others. Like you and I? Only if we maintain and even keel. The only thing worse than what they do is for you or I to do the same to them. That is not what God wants to see.

Grin and bear it or vote for the ones who will clean house. You will only know for sure who they are by their actions. That is the huge risk for all of us. Call them out if they’re cheating at the polls. Turn ’em in if you can find the proper authorities. I’m not sure who they are either. Probably not your congressman.

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