Given That I was Young

I don’t know if it was better then or if I was just a kid who knew next to nothing. I speak of the 1950s, or, the advent of TV in every household. True, there was no color TV back then but the programing was so varied that anything went other than sex. The Marx Brothers were the movies I watched for. Have you ever heard of the Marx Brothers? You should look for them if you haven’t.

Yesterday I considered what I was doing writing this blog. Am I doing the right thing or do I have an audience being as how I am old now. With a shrug of my shoulders I said I didn’t know so I’ll keep going as though I have nothing to lose. However, I do want to steer this to a belief system so prevalent back then and not easy to find now. A belief in the spirit without ghosts or dark matters. Rather, the light that shined back then but has been put out now. That light that held us in a warm embrace and allowed for learning and healing. Allowed the mind to rest knowing that most of what we saw and did was part of the responsibility for having been given life in the first place. This was just a few years after World War Two. A time of vibrancy and thanks giving.

Thanks anything is in short supply now. But not being thankful to have one’s life is the saddest part of these times. Why? Why are we so distraught and why are we here now? I wracked my brain and considered what is popular now and what is not. Popularity is the driver of society. Social media is, in my eyes, the dam that holds back social discourse of meaningful problem solving. Rather, it has become the fetid water behind that dam which has become noisome and poisoned. No amount of discussion on social media solves a single problem. Instead, it is a medium of stagnation and meaningless prattle. Unless that social media is designated to solving problems and those are few and usually have to do with tech; the mother of social media.

What about God, I asked myself. Where is God now? God is the principal of all we are and all we know yet we forsake Him, and that at our own peril. Do we know of anything that can supplant faith? Not really was my answer. Faith, a belief in what we cannot see but when it manifests props up a failing society. There is not a general acceptance of God any longer and that is our problem. We had none of these problems in the 1950s. No perversion accepted by the masses. Instead, we had mental health that voluntarily banned perversion. Perversion, though it took place, was not widely accepted and God was welcome. Shut off God and you usher in His opposite. It really is just that simple. Occam’s Razor personified.

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