Another police officer killed. Actually, probably more than one but the news has narrow focus. I suppose their focus is only on selling news? I was raised on a block that a police officer lived with his wife. To my recollection, they had no children. If they had I would have played with he or she undoubtedly. Things were tame then compared to now. A killing of anyone got headlines and everybody was shaking their heads that a person would be so cruel. At least, in our circles. I can’t speak for the world; nor do I want to.

It is rather a shock to the system when I hear the news now. The only reason I take it in stride is because I live in a place where this stuff is unlikely and I hope saying this here doesn’t jinx anyone. However, it does fit more neatly into what Scripture tells us, you to, that is going to occur during the “birth pangs” of the Apocalypse. That is in Matthew 24-25 if you want to see for yourself. But, I’m not going there right now.

Our times are heavy and we all feel them coagulating around us, hemming us in. It isn’t pleasant by any stretch. Yet, we go about our business and hope it won’t happen to us. If you’re an urban person you know this only too well. Me, I live far outside the urban environment but only because of many circumstances that brought me here. Looking back, I am relieved as can be. I once had the brilliant idea of moving to San Francisco. Common sense told me I would not be happy in a city. Common sense was right. I am happy as can be out here on our small acre with a creek running through our backyard. The oaks are just putting forth their leaves with dark clouds as a backdrop and the depth of field is mind boggling, it always is.

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