It Ain’t About Eggs!

As long as this world seems hell bent on incapacitating morality I thought I would tell you exactly what I think about this holiday. It has to do with the foundation of morality which is, simply, do no harm to oneself or others. On the other end of that chute is what we have ow which seems to be: Do as much harm to everyone as quickly as possible lest death remove us from our assigned task.

So, what does Easter actually tell us. Well, Easter is on Sunday, not that Easter ever occurred on a Sunday and is the day Christ rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. To rise from the dead one has to be dead to begin with so that was arranged on a Friday. Did Christ die for our sins and what was the story behind that?

It goes back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Satan caused them to do the one thing that God told them not to do. Eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. That sin was blasphemous and got them and, in turn, us as their children (it’s complicated!) booted into a world which was also removed from the original slot of perfection to an imperfect word that we all have been born and raised in. There were no thorns or nettles in that original world and the Earth provided everything needed to a wonderful life without toil. (It pays to read the Bible if for no other reason than to expand your horizon!)

This meant that for the world to go back to perfection a spirit from Heaven which was perfect needed to die as a sacrifice for what Adam and Eve did. That was what happened on “Good Friday” when Jesus was nailed to a type of wooden device and hung there until dead. It was He that reopened the door back to perfection through His death.

Meanwhile, we dunces go about the world of imperfection being stupid and ignorant and wasting eternity by chasing the fleeting baubles of society. Purely a waste of skin is what it is. There is so much more that people lie about or dissuade us from learning. Try reading Genesis, chapter one if you want to better understand the beginning and throw what science says in the dumpster. We are on the razors edge of truth now and time, well, time, as it always does, is slipping away.

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