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I guess it’s been about eleven years that I have been writing on one subject or another. Depending on how well received my writing is tells me what I should continue pursuing. Truth be told, I seem to have no niche but am reminded of the niche in the wall of my childhood home in which my Mother kept a pair of mid-19th century baby shoes in front of a statue of the Madonna. A religious family in those days were we.

Over the decades my family weakened of their religious proclivities and when that happened a certain weakness of purpose developed. It was strange to watch and has taken me decades to understand the cause. The cause I have just written of: eliminating religion from their day to day lives.

Myself, I responded in kind. For many years I said I believed but I did not live that belief. I actually went another direction and it was destructive. Wandering this world with no direction is disastrous as this world is one of destruction. Our path is narrow, not wide if we seek respite. Respite from the inane substance of a world without purpose. It is this that I realized a couple of years ago as I wrote of the Bible. When I took that website down I had tens of thousands of followers and that is the reason I took it down. I got a little big headed and thought, perhaps, I was something I wasn’t.

As I go here I am going to mention the Bible as it is more important now than ever before as we are in the midst of turmoil. Call that turmoil what you will but on top of this is a world without faith. Faith. I never realized how important faith is though I study and write about it always. Without it, it seems, hope is lost and the carnivores come to feast on our corpses; a little at a time. If you lost it, find it. If you lack it, search for it. It will not save you from death but will give you hope of eternity in a perfect world. That perfection will not be of our doing. ‘nough said.

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