I thought I would start this with a title that, to me, explains much of what we hear science telling us nowadays. Especially when it comes to life on other planets. I also want to bring the Bible into this as that is the book I follow to just get up each day. Without that book, and after combat, I wouldn’t be here were it not for the admonitions of that treasure of moral thought. No wonder it isn’t popular!

Concerning the Bible and life on other planets the Bible says nothing. Whether God created life elsewhere or not has naught to do with the Bible. The only objective of the Bible is to explain in terms both simple and complex, how we got here and how we should live.

I have often said that it would be a shame for us to go to other planets with the attitude we display here on Earth. Why would we do this? Because it is exploration and we have the technology? We can’t get out of our own way so going to other planets merely means we want to share our mental, and especially spiritual, illness with aliens.

Then I wonder who would actually be the aliens. Then I wonder if God will allow us to go anywhere before He fixes things here. A human father of any worth would not let his children visit a city at age ten by themselves. How old do you think we are in God’s eyes? Seventy-five? Two? Thirty-four? Or merely children.

Big and swelled heads do not warrant big and swelled thoughts. Space is out there for a reason and we don’t know that reason. Could it be that it took an entire universe to allow life on Earth? You see what I mean? Each day I wake up I realize how little I actually know and the questions just keep mounting, unabated by science. Science, universally speaking, is a very small book.

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