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I spent about a half day writing and editing a page on Faith this morning. As you are what I consider to be people with a mind toward goodness (or you wouldn’t read this website) I thought it a good idea to put it in my own words pulling from my own experience. Mine has been a rather dicey experience when I stop to consider where I’ve been and what I have survived.

You won’t ever know the half of the stupidity I have put myself through over this seven decades but suffice it to say that it has been a learning experience of some magnitude. I think God each day that I can still function at this level and also be physically sound. It is all about the ethic I learned from my parents and the generation I came up in. No computers, dial phones (after the operator of my first years), and working since I was fifteen.

After Vietnam there was no longer a lot of room for the nonsense of today’s generations. And, I speak of only those young people who have gone over the edge as I know many of my children’s friends who are just like I was/am.

In a way, this is a place to say thank you to those who have common sense and a religious viewpoint concerning life. Life is sacred but is no longer treated this way. Perhaps by doing this I can shake a few people into a better understanding of what reality is? Odder things have happened!

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