Western Civilization

Ask yourself, what were we before the advent of a civilized society? What benefits do all of us have, including the detractors who mumble in ignorance, since Western Civilization. What were we before that? Tribes. And we fought each other over ownership of land, bridges, castles, hardpan, women and baubles. We had no mastery of language but, rather, dialects not understood more than a hundred miles away. The perfect formula for disagreement,

There was no philosophy and mathematics had no room to be discovered. We were savages, in a word. Western Civilization starting in Greece and Rome, though you can say a ton of negatives about them (if you’re so inclined) brought forth the ability to urbanize and study things other than survival.

Unfortunately, America also brought about free speech. I say unfortunately because it is that speech which is able to denigrate all that civilized society stands for. Of course, this is a “too brief” summary of Western Civilization and you can poke holes in a bit of what I place here as I do this from memory. Call this a conversation starter and then study up on it: Western Civilization. Most have not but it was required of us in grammar school.

It is amazing how much ignorance is being taught as fact in some places we call “institutions of higher learning.” That is laughable as all that matriculates from those institutions are ignoramuses. In an information age there is no room for ignorance. That’s why we now call it the “information age.” Some should take advantage of that info before opening their mouths to slobber words of stupidity. That should start at the top, eh, Joe?

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