75 Yrs.

What have I learned?

I’m not yet at what I call, the age of diminishing returns. That age in which the mind slips and fantasy invades, pushing reality to the rear, if not completely usurping the space that reality once held. It is an age of pensiveness, waiting for the aforementioned to take place and hoping like hell it does not. It is a time which, if you made preparations leading up to this age, you are basically of sound mind and body. However, nothing one can do to prepare slows down the inevitable but age lessens the fear of the final outcome. In my case there is no trepidation or fear it just is a fact that I’ve escaped from through combat and life itself to get here,

Growing old isn’t necessarily awful. In some ways it is much better than what was before. Retirement itself is fiction. We don’t retire, we just switch jobs. Those who retire and start cocktail hour at 10:00 am are fools and were probably always fools. They pass by the understanding that this age allows due to the time to think instead of act which is of great value. But thought is also overrated. Action is what makes the difference but action without thought brings disaster. So, this tells us that it is the type of thought, not the resultant action, which makes the difference. A good for instance is that I used to lift up to one hundred pounds on a fairly regular basis. I know better than to try that now as all that lifting took a great toll on my physicality. My spine is now cheese and I have been once to the hospital from lifting weights alone which required two men. Thought, in this case, is a caution.

It is the mental aspect of growing old which young people fear. They cite the physical but what they really are considering is whether they will be the victim of senility. To these growing old and senile comes in the same crudely wrapped package. A hobbled creature that drools and is useless to society and should be, “put out to pasture.” Unless, of course, it is their grandparents and then it is acceptable to be old because they will never get that old. They will and they know it and they will have to admit that they were wrong.

Well, look at me wander on about age, Age is not a great thing but it is a necessity and those who die before they get old are rather unfortunate in many ways. Grandchildren by their children is a joy and being old gives one time to make amends for anything a person did when they were young. More importantly, it is a time to forgive. Forgive those who mishandled their lives as young people or be forgiven for what a person did when they were young. Oh, yes, there is more but I see that my inkwell is empty and my quill is almost dry. I will continue as I have time. Know that nothing I place here is to denigrate. If anything, it is a quiet alarm bell. It happens quite often that what we fear the most we steer headlong into while trying to avoid. There is no avoidance to getting old so be glad you lived long enough to get there.

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