Now that we’ve been through several years of social experimentation it is time to step back and begin to understand. Understand where this planet is in the universe. Would it be big headed to say that the entirety of the universe is jealous of what we have on our planet? I think not. In fact, it is my considered opinion that the universe is green with envy for what we have on Earth. One for instance is potable water, We have oodles of potable water and it is not in suspension in our atmosphere for long. Suspension is only for a short while and then the filth we have deposited is washed away with fresh, potable rain. Those who look from afar think us spoiled brats for what we seem to find important that is not important,

I’ve always thought of the Earth as a machine. I’m not going to go into anthropomorphism’s about that machine. You know, like calling hurricane’s pistons or such nonsense. Suffice it to say that science is still in its infancy even though most scientists think they have it down like downtown. Cadillac De Ville scientists telling us that we are the cause of global warming. Last I looked Al “Alice” Gore wasn’t a scientist. A lousy corrupt politician, maybe but a scientist not . . or naught if you like good English. Nope, the Earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling. Always has. Always will. It’s a machine, damn it! We, on the other hand, are one step up from morons and prove it about every century by killing copious amounts of us. Why do we do this? Oh, the humanity. A bunch of spoiled brat morons who covet our neighbors goods. God told us not to covet but did we listen? No-o-o.

I know, you didn’t come all this way for a lesson on morality. As long as you’re here though, I’m no patron saint of goodness myself but I figured out how to learn. Learn by my mistakes and the mistakes of others I am privy to. I learned not to judge people by their looks. That was a tough one, I’ll tell this world. Some folks look like tramps and act like bums but turn out to be politicians. Who knew? Speaking of, exactly what do we have in the White House now? CNN tells us that guy is wonderful. People on the street tell us he is yet another in a series of morons. Who ya gonna believe about such as that? I’m all for the people on the street.

The universe wonders. Wonders what kind of crawling from the ooze morons this planet is besieged by. Thermonuclear. Has a nice ring doesn’t it. Nah, to the universe it is a firework. To us it is surcease in knowing that eventually we can end it all for one another. Morons! I include myself in that. I have a record to prove it which is why it takes one to know one.

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