A few things you should know should you happen across this place in the Interuni. First, “Interuni” is short for the Internet Universe, a word I coined about three minutes ago. I decided to call it this as the internet has, unfortunately, become a universe outside the real universe. The real universe governs such little things as life and death, planets and the vast and unknown parameters of space. I believe that the real universe is much more important than the “Interuni” but that’s just me. What ever happened to just going for a walk?

Well, I walk as many times a week as possible. More in Spring and Summer and far less in Winter. I refuse to put on weight during the winter so I do jumping jacks. I had once considered buying a rowing machine or some other contraption but I have enough investments laying around gathering dust. So, I walk and it is really cheap to do. It is also a good time for contemplation. To contemplate things such as: Am I doing the right thing? Am I easy enough to get along with? What more can I do to make someone’s life a little bit easier? Did I mention prayer? Yeah, I am old enough to consider prayer a communication with my Creator. It works, just so you know.

Like I said, it’s cheaper and oh so good to figure out who and where you are. No monthly payments to the universe either. God does not charge us anything to use his planet so we have that going for us! A terrible shame that so many damage His planet but then, they don’t believe now do they? Comeuppance comes at the end, a thing they don’t understand but you and I do if I’m not mistaken.

In the above three paragraphs you have more insight into me than I will ever have of you. How’s that for trust. Trust. Who do you trust nowadays? Not many if you’re smart. I stopped trusting politicians when some decided that breaking up the family unit was a good idea. Cross hatched and etched lines of a lack of goodness in those people’s hearts. They’ll die for eternity as the family is an idea of God’s. He made us and that isn’t a myth, that is a fact. I guess you had to be there? No, you just have to get your heart right and the mind will take care of itself.

Walking is kind of the symbol for what I do, how I think and how I live. I don’t put on airs and I certainly don’t do alcohol and drugs. I confess that I did both a time and time ago but I was young and just home from combat. One of those almost did me in so neither do I participate in any longer. It required no meetings I just said: Enough for crying out loud!!! I feel light and clean always. I have nothing hanging in my conscience and altering my mood or causing paranoia. Biden gives me paranoia but we’ll see what happens in a year or so. I wish no one ill, not even he. Doesn’t mean I think he’s worth the skin on his body though. Send him home to drool on his own so we don’t have to watch.

That’s it. I could go on and on but even I have my limitations. My limitations are getting a fairly good sum added up now so I walk. So should you. Not for distance or time but for peace of mind. Tranquility in all this noise. Walk with a spouse or friend and converse about the universe. Not the “Interuni.”

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