Over the last several months I have, as I write this and one other blog, been sorting all the differences which are plaguing America. As I put one item in one file drawer I had to pull another one out to make room. In doing so it caused me to consider when it was that I first noticed changes occurring. Not just a minor change but one that coincided with recognized American holidays. The one I fell flat on my derriere on was July 4th when I was around 12.

That would make the date 1950. In the county we lived in back then it was always legal to sell all kinds of fireworks. Cherry bombs, firecrackers, rockets, mortars: all types. It was around that time that the county passed a law forbidding all those fun things. Safe and sane were what was left which meant the glitter of incendiary devices were null and void. Just about the time I was going to be old enough to blow stuff up!

The excuse they used was supposedly a large incidence of wild fires started by these implements of destruction and total fun. Also, some dumb kids blew their fingers or hands off also. I never knew a kid that did so and I knew a lot of kids. In speaking of this nobody knew of a single person who had more than a burn or two. A burn which didn’t stop them for a minute in blowing up more stuff. That thing about wildfires didn’t jibe either. What wildfires, my Dad wondered? This resulted in a black market for firecrackers and the rest of the banned good stuff and firecrackers were just a couple of towns away and the cops could care less as long as we didn’t blow up another persons property. Dumb kids want to blow their fingers off then throw the firecracker more quickly next time! Don’t wait for the fuse to burn down ya dumb ass!

Around 16 insurance rates went through the roof. About 1965 give or take. About the time I got my license and bought a car. They were dirt cheap compared to today but in that time frame all goods and services started to rise and they haven’t stopped. Why? I wondered.

It’s the fix that was put in back then that we see now. Inflation and mishandling of our economy by socialists. That means regulations on how you walk and talk. It costs money to put us all in a political corral. Your money and mine which is being spent by stupid and callous congress folks. Pork! Bacon is up as well as everything else and it is due to needless bureaucracy and suffocating regulations. EV, anyone?

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