Our World

It is lacking now and the result of a lack of faith brings us exactly what we now have. A country and a world based on mankind alone. There are others however. These are people that see the world as it now is and understand why it is this way. These are people who, though they dislike these circumstances intensely, know how and what the world has become and, therefore, rest their minds knowing that this is what is said it would be. No fine print just stark words of warning. A godless world. A world where faith is gone but for a few of this vast number of “worldly” souls. Jesus told us, “Be no part of the world.”

God is patient and slow to anger. He has told us through Scripture what is coming. But, Scripture has been declared nonsense by the intellectual class of the world. It is a sad thing to see as these were given vast mental abilities and turn around and squander their abilities on things that won’t matter in a short time hence. What is going to occur is not an end to this planet but it will be the end of this business of subterfuge which is our current world; a world which, by definition, is a construct of mankind. Governments, corporations, some religions. All of which have forsaken God and His Word to strike out on a path away from He who created everything we see, touch and feel. It is the same type of world as Noah found himself in: Godless and perverse.


Faith, on the other hand, allows us mental room to contemplate what has been written and then conform to God’s law. Conform to a truth not of mankind’s making. A truth which is universal and set in law that disallows most of what this world is now involved in. The process of perverting all that is sacred in God’s eyes. It is purely a lack of faith that causes all of this turmoil and, deep down inside, you know this to be true.

You see it now in the perversion of children. The lies told by governments, the lies on our media and the perversity that has been growing worse and worse in the last hundred years. Then we look to history and what do we see in that last hundred years? War and rumors of war. Shunting God and Jesus into a dumpster. It has not been this evil since Noah and that is the lesson we should be learning now.

Times do not change and the only sense of decency left is in the Christian faith as that faith includes the savior. No other faith does so. Some deny Jesus and others call Him only a prophet. He is God’s son sent here to ready us for eternity and the first death. Did you know that there are two deaths and that Jesus told us not to fear the first, our natural death? Rather, He told us, fear the second. That is the death that includes judgement. Now is the time to ready yourself as, with God, all things righteous are possible. He has proved that over and over again. Don’t deny God or His Son. You are in peril and have no idea unless you turn your life around to God. It will make you a different person, just as it did me.

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