The Past

Something that no one seems to be looking at is the past. By this I don’t mean that we should dwell on the past but we should look back and learn from it. I have found that recalling the past and what I have done correctly or wrongly, and there’s been plenty of both, it stops me from doing things like over extending my credit limit or jumping from roofs to the ground. Did I mention skateboarding? I wasn’t what one would call a dare devil but neither did I possess good sense full time. My lapses resulted in broken legs and torn ligaments and broken teeth.

The same can be said for nations except that the effects of wrong doing are felt far from the capitol of some nation. But speaking of the past, wasn’t Jesus in the past? Or, is Jesus still a viable influence on what we are doing now? If we follow what He told us would we be where we are now? No! Now, I am not mentioning Jesus’ Father in Heaven but He sent Jesus to Earth to do what? Well, to sacrifice His human form for our sins. To die for all of us.

Then again, this is the past and is ancient history so why worry about it now? For the same reason that we worry about thermonuclear war and the annihilation of mankind. We won’t get that far though. That annihilation sequence may begin but it won’t get far. This is when Jesus said He would come, just before we ruin His Father’s planet. Put a stop to all of this nonsense is what He will do. How far away is that? That is the question now isn’t it? Close, I would think, given the stupidity of this world. You?

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