Well, getting my eye operated on was yet another first in a long life of firsts. I suppose one could say that life is really all about firsts? How you handle them and what they imply.

I wanted to write about it but just once as it is all over but the healing which will take about one month but I have full use of my eye now though there is now an imbalance between the two which is a tad disorienting but kind of cool at the same time. It is like depth of focus is divided into vertical plains that have just a little motion.

I wanted to go into the compensation that mine or anyone’s brain must go through using just one eye for the first time. One eye doesn’t work all that well because the brain is dependent on the input from both eyes. Over time one might get used to it but for just around 30 hours it is rather bleak and not nearly so rich a panorama, whether one’s living room or the great outdoors. Coming home from having the patch removed I saw, once again, the richness of definition that my “new” eye allowed but that I had not seen in several years. I have been a photographer since my teen years and I had gotten to the point of depending on auto-focus with my cameras that had auto-focus. My old medium format film cameras I could not use correctly any longer.

I have about one month before the healing is complete but for now I am loving being able to see detail again. The Doc who did the surgery is top notch but, again, you don’t know the outcome until you go through the procedure. I thank God for his (the Doctor’s) expertise as I had no idea what to expect.

So, that’s it. I am back at it with no regrets and a new group of wonders to behold. I just have to be exceedingly careful for a month or so until healing is complete. No prob!

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