What is life other than breathing. (I recommend breathing as much as possible you know?) Well, we know when it starts but after that life kind of goes where it will unless you dial in your control early. It is a wonder that any of us live long enough to learn how to write given that circumstance is always waiting just around some corner. Which corner is unknown and that is what makes life interesting. Imagine you were born and left in a room locked up all the while you were a child. How creative would you get?

It is getting out and about that allows the learning process. One would think that doing things correctly would always be the best choice but best choices are never popular when we still have our youth. We’re going to live forever and if we die it will be heroic. Ha! That happens rarely enough to be laughable but we don’t know that when we’re wet behind the ears. Nope, we have to break some bones or have nature stab us in the back before we get out the towel and dry behind our ears. The age when we discover that towel varies considerably. If you’re out protesting you’re wet. If you get a job and make a living you’re dry.

That’s one way to look at life but I’ve left out the military. If you want to go from 19 to 45 in just four years go into the military. It’s a tough road but it actually makes a practical vision of life possible. Without that you need personal discipline. That is getting rare; personal discipline. I recommend it highly.

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