Were we all sticking to the non-permeable shell of reality there would be no reason for this article. I don’t come here with this anger voluntarily but the left is a detriment to children and is fostered by the hate. One must realize that whatever we who think normally are accused of is exactly what the left is doing. We are called haters if we disagree and that closes the door on discussion if we fall for their nonsense.

Men and women have parts that define who and what they are as pertains to the future of the human race. Were we all attracted to people with like parts there would be no human race. Nature calls does it not? You cannot be a green environmentalist without a regard for nature. Therein lies the hypocrisy of the “Green Movement” because, green, is the last thing these people are about. In that large group of minions are those who hate all that you and I are and, therefore, always call us out as being substandard to them and their altruistic thesis on life as they want it to be. Life is simple, a male and female. It has always been this way on this planet. If you’re like me you understand that we were meant to be this way and to be the way we are is a blessing. Life itself is a blessing and is sacred. Who, then, are these people on the left and who or what is fooling them into a diabolical thought process such as this?

We are a creation of love by our Father. We are children of said Father but there is one who went against all that He created and has used a pry bar to slough us off and away from truth since day one. Look at how far we have fallen from what we were supposed to be. I include myself in this. The difference is that I figured this out and have been climbing back toward grace since that full realization. Grace for me is still a long way off and my time runs short now. Time is not so short for most who come here. Therefore, I suggest that each of you take a moment to comprehend how wonderful a machine your physical and mental prowess is and understand that you are loved by He who set in motion your birth, your founding on this planet. It is not an accident that you are here it is purposeful in your birth. A birth caused by one man and one woman with their appointed physical and mental abilities. You are a beautiful being and a product of epochs of planning and fruition of He who made you.

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