Positives and Negatives

Nothing on the Earth possesses all positives and the same goes for nations and the people who populate those nations. Since the Garden of Eden the human race has been imperfect. If you consider the Garden to be naught but fiction feel free to go back to Neanderthal and further. It doesn’t matter one iota. We screw up and screw up royally at times. It is part and parcel of humanity. You know this, I know this. But some seem to harp continually on the negative no matter what subject it might be.

America began just as all nations began. New territory and that meant conquest. Name me a nation that hasn’t killed to gain territory or sovereignty. You cannot.

Now, I am part Cherokee. Perhaps nearly one quarter. As I look back on my timeline I see where my ancestors on both sides came from. I also know all to well what was done to the Cherokee nation and regret it probably more than anyone. Both my Grandmom and Mom spoke of the “Trail of Tears” as a travesty to other human beings. I grew up with that story implanted in my psyche.

It is always strength or superior weapons that make a battle of any kind uneven. As a white person I know only too well what my ancestors did and how awful it was. I see the same thing now being done to the youth of our country by none other than white people. Trans, lies and video tape. The mental slaughter that this entails is done by the same people who just last century got up in arms about what was done with Native Americans. It is the left that fought to keep slavery yet they say they are the saviors of the black people. That is a lie. They are the ones who turned down ” a hand up” for government assistance to keep the blacks down. Look at the urban areas and the lack of love and care for those who have been forced into a type of urban slavery. It is the damnable Democrat party that does this. I used to be one of those. I thought what was being done was for not to the blacks.

This time it is change that needs to take place before the blacks and whites together end up being Democrat party slaves. Slaves for the beck and call of the elites who, in France once stated, “Let them eat cake.” Hey, it’s up to you. History is replete with imperfect solutions.

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