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In this world it is difficult to maintain faith unless your understanding of the Bible is up to par. Only fifty years ago Christianity was across the board in America whereas today it is hard to find. Likely, it is my generation that is dying out that makes this so. Often times I wonder what it is like to approach death with no foundational understanding of what eternity offers. How the way we lived will affect our eternity. If there is one facet of a truism for the human race it is how we live and how we treat others.

Morality is gone for most and it is a pity of infinite wrongness. Without a strong moral compass we get exactly what we now see. Unfortunately, it is also what Gods sees. A person goes through their day having sex and taking drugs or alcohol and fetters away their eternity for worldly pleasures. Well, listen to this guy go all moral on us!

I am not trying to fool anyone with this website as I am one of you who did the same thing until I arrived at death’s door. That was almost eleven years ago and when I came to I was a shriveled worm of a human carcass. I could not take care of myself and could not walk, much less think. Two plus months in hospital and coming home to only myself as I had driven my family away from me. To say the least, I changed my ways . . . totally.

No, I was a prime example of a human mess but not now. I got back to studying the Bible and taking, for once, God’s message to heart. In turn, He has silently and unerringly brought me back to a place I only knew as a child. A place of peace with myself and a need to speak to you about how awful a person I was and how I was transformed merely by seeking God. His response to me was warm and loving and that is how I know He exists. No church, just a Bible and adherence to what He told us to do. It isn’t difficult but it is life changing if you can develop the self-discipline.

I know how many have fallen under this world’s truck’s wheels. It is an awful place made better only by intermittent using of substances. It is a Satanic place to be and the sooner you realize this the sooner you can remove yourself from it. Just a long thought on my part. Hope it helps.

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